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About Pro Set, Inc. of Monroe, Louisiana

Monroe, Louisiana Metal Roof RepairManufacturer and Applicator of Polyurea

The original formula developed for Polyurea was considered very innovative and offered a new product with many possible applications. In the late 80’s polyurea was introduced to the automotive industry. It is used in fixed place impingement molding facilities. Bumpers, dashboards, side panels, and other parts for the automotive industry are routinely made from polyurea. The original formula had a rough texture and low elongation value due to fast reaction times. Chemist Thomas E. Leaverton has researched and developed polyurea for eleven years. Formulations are now developed that are slower reacting, have a high elongation value, a smoother texture, greater tensile strength and tear strength.

Pro Set has an exclusive line of polyurea products produced and applied under the Poly-Pro name. Pro Set has developed and refined application methods for polyurea over eight years. Utilizing quality high-pressure proportioning units, coupled with either spray or pour guns has opened up many new application opportunities for polyurea. The development of refined methods of application plus formulation based on analyzing your specific needs makes Pro Set the premium turnkey supplier in the polyurea industry. Today Pro Set polyurea products have potential for limitless degrees of application and versatility. The advantages of both the aromatic and aliphatic Poly-Pro is widely revolutionizing the lining and coating industry. The molecular nature of Poly-Pro as compared to polyurethane and urea allows for increased tensile and tear strength plus greater elongation.

Thomas E. Leaverton, President

Mr. Thomas E. Leaverton serves in the capacity of President and maintains majority ownership in the company Pro Set, Inc. Mr. Leaverton attended Rutgers University where he received his BS in Chemistry. He maintains over 40 years of experience in developing polyurethane, polyurea, acrylic, and epoxy coatings, and has developed formulations for over 1000 industrial cleaners. Mr. Leaverton has experience serving as a technical director and then plant manager in various chemical facilities before starting a company in North Carolina and Pro Set, Inc in Monroe, LA. He is considered one of the founding fathers of the polyurea industry, and he has served on the Board of Directors of the Polyurea Development Association. He has consulted on polyurea and coating projects in Spain, Germany, Panama and Mexico.

Pro Set, Inc. has successfully completed waterproofing projects at the Pentagon in Washington DC, the Savannah River Site Nuclear Power Plant, Jacksonville Florida Stadium, Louisiana Tech Baseball Stadium, and the Philadelphia Zoo. They also developed a Refugee Shelter for the United Nations and coated a Naval Frigate and Destroyer. Mr Leaverton’s ability to develop and market products within this industry is evident by the success of Pro Set, Inc.

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